Please bring my husband back.

by Dee (Kenya)

Holy St. Jude I kindly ask you to pray for me and my daughter.My husband left us for another woman and it has been very painful to raise her on my own.I still love him and we recently started getting closer after 3 years of pain and separation.He has asked me for forgiveness and we have been talking about reconciling.We have known each other for 14 yrs and married for 3.The problem is he has a daughter with this woman who is causing alot problems.I kindly ask that you pray and intercede for me so that he finds a way leave this toxic relationship and come back home me and our lovely daughter and still be able provide and be there for the child they have together without this woman jeorpadising my home again.I pray believing that my request will be granted.Thank you St.Jude,Thank you my God.

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