Please bring my husband back to me, Lord My God

My husband left me and my 2 children 4 weeks ago. It came totally out of the blue. I thought we had a deep, strong love. He says he loves me but he’s not ‘in love’ anymore and that he doesn’t want his life. To me a married love goes much deeper than that and you work through difficult times together. He wants to close the door on it. There is no reason for this other than he wants to change his life and associates me with all the things he wants to change. I’m very deeply hurt but I love him and believe in the vows we made. Nothing I have done or said, even giving him space, has reached him and he is deeply unhappy also. I’m lost and prayng desperately every day that we can find a way back to each other, a way forward to build a stronger marriage. Please pray for him to find a way back and for us to become a family again. Our 2 children are bewildered by this too. Please Lord is there a way to save my marriage? Guide me and show me the way Lord, please.