Please bring my husband back from his adulterous affair

by Mimi (Dallas, Tx)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I believe in my vows of marriage and ask that you return my husband and the father of our children back to us. I ask that you touch David’s heart and soul and bring him back into your circle of love and his family. I ask that that you send this girl 30 years younger, Ashley away from him and her manipulation. She has turned him against all of us. He is no longer the man we knew and loved who would find his behavior gross. Please lead him away from her and back to us before a divorce is final. Please help all of us to heal as a family and submit our lives to your love and guidance. Please let the conscience of the man we know begin to work again. I believe the greatest lesson we could learn from this is forgiveness and to use our experience to help others return and keep your commandment till death. I would love this to be a miracle saved by you. Amen

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