Please bring my family back together after my daughter passed away

by JB (London, UK)

Please bring back my other daughter who has wrongly been taken away from me and my husband who has been blamed wrongly for causing her death when he is innocent, We were a happy family and he had no need to have done this.

The Police have begun a witch hunt and want him put in prison for life when he is innocent. We are all grieving and suffering badly for our daughter’s loss and my other daughter is suffering and missing her dad and I and I am in severe despair and can barely carry on any longer,

My husband tells me he is struggling to stay alive also as he has done nothing wrong. I struggle to want to carry on any more and have health issues and terrible money worries and are being served with notice on my home and have two trials to go through. I believe our daughter was ill and had underlying conditions which I pray will come out and be shown and prove innocence.

I want my daughter to come home to me and heal her pain at losing her sister and be her mum again and would like my husband to be released from prison and the case to be thrown out of court and medical factors proven so we can all be together and heal in the dreadful loss of our baby. All of our hearts are broken as we loved her and would have done anything we could for her to be here now. But when we tried to revive her she did not respond and she was gone.

Police are being underhand and trying to make anything work to put my husband in jail indefinitely and he has not done this. Please help as I struggle to go each and every day.

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