please bring my beautiful wife back to my arms agian.

by Adrian (Texas)

Dear heavily father I come to you today to ask for a miracle. I love my wife so much. I pushed her away without intension. I was not there for her emotionally. So she had an affair. The same routine got the best of me. She never told me that I was hurting her emotionally. Dear Jesus please heal my wifes heart. She doesn’t have the will or strength to make our relationship work. I have changed my ways. We have two beautiful girls and I want us to be a family. I’m spending more time with my girls. My wife notices my changes but she just wont budge. Please help her fight the evil forces that cause her not to see the right path. I also ask dear lord to help her seek you again. shine your light on her. Hold her hand and guide her to find you and the love she is missing. Satan is attacking marriages and he is winning. God please help the couples that are in need. Please pray to help those people to stop and think this before they act. Communication is the key to a healthy marriage something my wife and I want never had. God please intervene and help me reconcile our marriage. I love you in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.