Please bring forgiveness and understanding to our hearts

by Mother Of 3 (Oakdale Mn)

Dear Lord,

Please bring forgiveness and understanding to our hearts. Please help us to understand our actions and words…..especially those said and done out of hurt. Please have forgiveness of my sins in my reactions and now the hurt I have caused to the man who I’m so deeply in love with….”B”.

Please enlighten him with forgiveness and understanding, as I do for him. I need him more than ever at this difficult time I’m facing …….please show me soon if its in your plans for he and I to walk hand in hand together in this. I beg for grace and mercy for us both. I would be so very grateful if its in the plans for him to face these incredible circumstances of mine in coming weeks,month, and possibly more.

Please have understanding in how much I appreciate him, how he is here for me, and how much I need him right now. he truly is the only one who sincerely supports me, a source of comfort, my best friend, that’s here for me on Earth. I know with you, Lord, all is possible. I know you are holding my hand and more then grateful. Please allow my other to be held by “B” here on Earth. I desperately would love our relationship to be repaired. Please Lord, allow this suffering to end. I’m heart broken, and he is too.

I sincerely forgive him for his behavior, and realize its sinful to throw stones back, and should have prayed to you for guidance instead. Please forgive me for not doing the right thing. I promise to do the best I can to remember to come to You in times of crisis first…and not take matters into my own hands.

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and eternally grateful for your forgiveness and mercy Without you, nothing matters. Please heal our hearts in unity. I love you my dearest Lord……

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