please bring back my love & father of my 2 beautiful children

by julie ()

please please bring back my 1 & only true love who is also the father of my 2 children.
i know we’ve been living apart for the past 20 months (the worst in our 18 years together)
but after only 3-4 months into our separation i knew without a doubt you we’re the only man for me, so i did some deep & honest soul searching & realised how horrible & bitter i had become but also how determined i was to change for you & i didn’t want to tell you i’ve spent this time putting all my effort into becoming the best partner to you & mother to our son & daughter because i wanted to show you when you we’re here so maybe we could reunite & be stronger than ever, but i haven’t been able to show you because you told me you have met someone else & fell in love (in 2 weeks ?) & although i very rarely call or text( & only about the kid’s) 99% of the time you don’t answer & you never call back or reply to messages.
the kids miss you like crazy, it’s an absolute heartbreak & i don’t think i can live the rest of my life complete without you, im already becoming an empty shell : ( you told me only a month ago you still loved me & you said you loved me again the day you told me about her & you’ve told us both i’m your best friend & nobody will ever replace me? i’m confused & depressed & begging you to please come back to me & our beautiful family xxx

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