Please bless my husband and I with children that will bring prosperity

by Nisa (Australia)

Heavenly Father I sit in your Infinite Glory and look to the heavens for your loving Kindness and Mercy. Thank you Father for my Infinite Blessings, Thank you for my loving husband and our children that are now in our marriage circle. Thank you Lord for the lives of your angels that we have each been blessed with we thank you and praise you for your wonderful gifts Heavenly Father who have brought so much Joy and Happiness into our lives. Lord, today I pray to you and humbly ask for your healing hand, to heal the womb that you have blessed in the past with the miracle of motherhood I ask you father God to please bless my womb again Lord.

Please bless my husband and I with children that will bring prosperity to our union that you blessed on our wedding day Lord. Please send me more of your angels to enrich our lives and our marriage Father God. You are the creator of all things good and precious Lord and I am secure in the thought that you will not forsake us your servants who praise you and magnify you and welcome you to be the head of our family and the constant bringer of great joy. Thank you Father God for your endless love and protection over our family and our marriage, Lord we graciously await your answer and we thank you for the happiness that you have coming our way we

Praise you and Glorify your name Heavenly Father. We ask you and thank you for these precious blessings in Christ Jesus’ name. Amen

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