Please Bless My Financial Situation Lord Jesus

by Sherita (Painesville)

Lord as I sit here praying for a financial blessing for my family, as so much is needed from beds for the whole entire family as well as new appliances new electronics as for the ones we have are broke or breaking and need to be replacing it’s been 90 degrees and the central air has broken 🙁

Lord Jesus I am asking of a bigger house for my family because my children need their own rooms as they’re getting older and growing up. Lord Jesus there is so much that needs to be done I have more bills than money and I have to constantly juggle from month to month to keep this on or that.

Lord Jesus please provide a financial miracle over me and my family sooner than later so I can get the things needed and wanted for me and my family.

Praying for continued protection, guidance, leadership and Lord Jesus lead my way and let me be a good mother for my 6 children, and provide for them the things they need the things they want. Please lord give me the strength and patience to continue to be the blessed wonderful woman you have made me to be and give me the knowledge to know when to let go and lord show me the way of continue to do right in your eyes.

I ask all of this in your mighty wonderful name Amen Amen Amen

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