Please Bless Me With The Job I Desire

by Kristi (USA)

Dear God,

I come to YOU with open arms asking that YOU bless me with the job I have applied for, so that I can better be available for and spend time with my family- especially my two beautiful daughters and caring husband that YOU have so lovingly blessed me with. I feel a calling to return to a job closer to home and within my community, as my oldest daughter, now struggling with social issues and diabetes, very much needs my strong presence in her life right now.

God, I place my needs in YOUR hands, as I desire a job where I am better able to utilize the talents and abilities YOU have blessed me with. I want to use those gifts to help others as my way of serving YOU.

I ask that YOU bless me and provide intervention, so I will be granted this job. Please also bless all of those who are trying to help me get this job, as they have selflessly gone out of their way on my behalf.

Lord, I believe YOU have already answered many prayers in my life and I thank YOU for that. I promise that if YOU are to bless me with the job I desire, I will use it to serve YOU as best as I am able.

I pray for YOUR continued guidance and for patience as YOU show me the way, as I know YOU already have a plan for me. This job provides a perfect opportunity for me to do what I love and to be in a situation that better benefits my family. Please help me to walk in faith and to trust that YOU know what is best for me as YOU show me the way!

In Jesus Name I Pray,

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