Please allow my wife to give me one chance to make her number 1

by Dave (Dayton Ohio Usa)

I am 49 yrs old and been married 26 years and have not been the best husband over the 26 years. for the past 3 years I have had an activity take over how much time I spent with my wife. Thru my arrogance and prideful sense, I never thought she would go out.

DID. I do not blame her for this and it is all my fault and I may be too late to be able to save the marriage. I told her I would give up everything to die for her is she gives me one more chance. The person she met is an old flame who she has wanted for many years and treats her well. I know if given one more chance I can be the man she wants and will do whatever it takes to prove it. I need prayer to allow her to give me one more chance after so many she has giving me.

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