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hi, Jeremy here. I live in Singapore, this health problem started on Sunday night, when I felt a lump at the bottom right side of my jawbone, & this happened to me before in the last week of October 2019, & this “Lump or Discomfort in my right jawbone” persisted for one whole month in November 2019, it caused me one month of psychological distress & caused me depression, & after doing THREE TIMES OF THE NASO-ENDOSCOPY at the hospital, the ENT Surgeon showed me pictures that the right side discomfort is caused by ACUTE SINUSITIS & there is alot of mucus accumulation that is causing the/this discomfort.

24 hours on Monday, eating Clarinase/Loratadine did not work.
Today on Tuesday, my health condition got worse, I find it difficult when swallowing saliva, & I had no choice but to get KLACID ANTIBIOTICS from the hospital, but I know that this new medicine will take 2 days in order for it to remove the accumulation of mucus & I pray the new drugs will hurry up work & Jesus bring accelerated healing cause I feel depressed having the discomfort esp when swallowing saliva. Pls Pls Pls pray for this mucus accumulation to stop and clear up the ACUTE SINUSITIS as soon as possible. Thank u. Jeremy =(

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