Philippians 1 : 23

by George ()

I ask that you pray for the lord to bring me home to paradise in heaven and live in the face to face presence of the lord. I am not suicidal and will not kill myself so please do not be concerned about that. I want the lord to do it because I only endure life and I do not enjoy it. I’ve faced many spiritual, mental and emotional battles in my life and the lord has always gotten me through and I’ve bounced back stronger than ever. Now things have changed and I have not been able to bounce back and have been stuck and feeling numb. I can pass off being happy most of the time but inside I’m in shambles and have been for a long time. This world isn’t mine or any other Christians home and I no longer feel useful or have any real sense of purpose because I’m such a mess inside I can’t be of much use to God or people. Even if God still has a plan for my life I no longer want to be here and i literally would like him to put me out of my misery and bring me home. I’m fighting multiple battles on different fronts, which isn’t new but the words in the Bible and prayer just haven’t worked this time like they have in the past and it’s been at least a couple years now. Please pray that the lord will bring me a peaceful death so I can go home to be with him and finally have everlasting peace. This world is not a good place to be and never really has been but this difference is I used to be able to handle it. Now I can’t even enjoy moments in my life that are supposed to be good because I’m just mentally, emotionally , spiritually and physically exhausted. I don’t want to feel this way any longer and this world certainly isn’t going to be any better. I’ve done my time here on earth and served the lord as best I could but now I have nothing left to give. Thank you and God bless you for the many people you help and pray for.

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