Personal prayer

by Aira (Philippines)

Dear God,

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the gift of life for having a complete family with loving parents, brother and sister. for giving me true friends and for everything that i have right now. I was able to accomplish a lot of things and I believe I couldn’t have done them without you.
Right now I am going through a really tough situation that even my faith is being tested. but with all the grace I received from you ever since, I know that’s enough for me to stick to you and continue believing in you. You know me Lord God, You know everything that’s happening in my life right now, I know you can hear me, I know you can see the situation, I know you are there. I need you God, I need you in every second of my everyday to guide me if there were times that i am tempted to do thing i should not do, forgive me father. For every bad decisions I’ve made please don’t give up on me Lord God. I hope you my still continue to bless me and my family especially during this moment of our life. We badly need your help. to give us strength to make it through. Work on our needs Lord. that we may pay all our debts and that I may still be motivated to come to work everyday no matter how hard it is to mingle with my office mates and reach out with my bosses. Give me patience to wait for your go signal for the career i am praying for to get. Please don’t give up on me Lord God. I know you have better plans for me and I am waiting for it I am always ready for whatever you wanted to happen in my life Lord God. I am yours and everything that I have right now I owe it to you God. I cant do this alone God. I believe that you alone can fix our financial problem and heal our broken relationships. That you are our God who’s sovereign and nothing can ever change what you have planned in our lives. I say this prayer in your name Jesus Christ our lord.. Amen

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