personal prayer to st. Jude to help pay off all debts

by Tessy (Oman, Muscat)

i am praying this for my brother tony. there is one good oppertunity in my office and we are tryin very hard to get it for him. twice we were denied.. and still noone has come for that post.

my brother is in very bad need of a good job as he is having a great burden of house loan. we wish and we pray to st. Jude, brother and favorite apostle of jesus, mother mary’s favorite son and student, st.joseph’s sister’s son, intercede for us to almighty god, our father of jesus and plese let us sanction for this job.

but if it is not suitable, please give us strength to take it positively and shouldnot depressed and weak in prayers and keep faith in god.

if my brother is not eligible for this job, please get him a better job in somewhere properous..and let him payoff all his debts.

st.jude, please help us, please hear our prayer, please have mercy on us..please pray and intercede for us to jesus and mother mary.


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