Personal Prayer Request

by Lavanya (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.)

My name is Lavanya, Im staying in Puzhal at Chennai. Please pray for my brother Vinoth for his happiness and peace in Jesus name. Please pray for my father and my mother that Jesus Christ should touch them and heal them, he should fill their life with happiness, love and peace.

Please pray for my closest and dearest friend Lydia Nithyanadam, her father and her mother whom I Love a lot with great care. Please even pray for their forgiveness of their sins they have committed, that they will not sin hereafter. Please pray for my health, my life and the financial difficulties that im suffering from that Lord Jesus Christ Son of Living God should change my life and I should be close with him throughout my eternal life.

Do please even pray for my relations who are close to me and far away from me that your prayer should bring everyone close to Heavenly Father and his only Son Jesus Christ. Please pray with a great request.