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by Lissa ()

My daughter-in-law, Karen, over 4 years ago, told me in no uncertain terms that she despised me utterly. Until that moment, she had not hinted that she harboured any untoward thoughts against me. We seemed to have a perfectly pleasant relationship. She had never asked to chat about any difficulty she had. I had never thought ill of her, still less expressed anything adverse to my friends. Karen had always greeted me brightly and had smiled and laughed while I was visiting. She afterwards told me that she had had to put on that face. She ripped my character to shreds. I simply had no idea at all that she despised me so. My friends were aghast. They knew I had never spoken ill of her and they were shattered by her attack. My son supported her although he did not call me out on anything. These are Christians, as I am. I was so horrified that I thought of suicide. I felt I had no right to live in the wake of that attack. However, I did not have enough pills to consume that would have done the trick. I was very very alone then with no other family in the country.
My niece Tracey arrived here in NZ thereafter. She insisted last year that I move from the North Island to the South Island to her home in Dunedin. This cost me a lot of money out of my savings. I then discovered that my niece has mental issues, including adult ADHD, bi-polar and strongly narcissistic traits. Once I arrived in Dunedin, friendless and alone, Tracey ignored me totally and compelled me to find my own bearings and to live independently of any help or company she could provide. She took me nowhere and basically ignored me. I turn 77 this year. I cannot afford to rent my own home unless I go back to work, which was what I have been doing for the last 9 years since I arrived here from SA. I do not yet qualify for the pension.
I told Christians at the first church I attended of my problems. Of the 500 members, not a soul even invited me into their home for a coffee. Eventually I had to leave the church because my niece would not allow me to drive there. I have joined a church within walking distance.
What I find is that Christians are overly busy. They do not have time for a fellow Christian in need. I have bumped into non-Christians who have shown me much more love. They have taken me around to orient me to the city and surroundings. I have been into their homes for a cup of tea, etc. They have kept in touch with me, and have been a big help. But Christians? Really only one couple. They invited me to their home for a Christmas day meal. and she has visited me once.
I need prayer for a small home of my own. I am much too fit to be in a retirement home. My stay with my niece is emotionally untenable (besides that, she has 500 pot plants and 200 ornamental shoes indoors….)I need support for a good atmosphere to prevail; and for a rental home to become available that is affordable to me. That will be a miracle; but God is not limited. I also want prayer for my niece Tracey and her problems. And for my daughter-in-law Karen to be convicted about her anti stance towards me. I have begged her for forgiveness of any perceived bad behaviour. Absolutely nothing was intended to upset her. She says she can forgive but that I must make restitution. I asked her to suggest what I could do. No reply.
Thank you for the support.
Ephesians 2:10

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