Perfect Peace

by Audra (Amity, AR, USA)

As tears rolled down my face

I heard my Father say

"Just keep your mind on Me.
For, I know you and all your ways.
My hand will guide you through.
My right hand will hold you fast.
Trust in what I've told you;
My perfect peace you'll have."

My loving Father must have a reason;
A purpose in my trials.
Perhaps from this training and discipline,
Comes the peaceable fruit of righteousness.

I felt the sun's rays shine upon me
And heard my Father say,

"I will meet all of your needs.
I will lead you to perfect peace.
My Spirit will draw you, If you truly believe.
Do not be anxious my child,
I will gaurd your heart and mind.
Allow my Spirit to have control and perform My work in My perfect time."