~People who work for companies and organizations still stressing me out frequently me~

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Please Lord I don’t deserve people who work at companies and organizations to stress me out by doing exactly the things that bother me like patronize me and be aggressive ~ and why do I have so much reason to complain.What is this? Is there some tiny little tag on my body? Did someone put a tiny tag on my ear when I lived on the streets? It seems a bit odd,now I reflect on the whole of it.I could do to just look like a different person! Why have so many stressful situations happening to me from online companies too? My stalking problem was so intense with the same people berating me which is a different thing or hopefully so.I an OK person with anyone in the world who is OK with me.Despite me submitting prayer requests to help things like this stop they still keep happening.Or is it a case of me giving too much info away of what bothers me and people are getting hold of it so they are pushing my buttons and doing again what bothers me? Last time I called PayPal the advisor said “Heads up to change my email address as soon as possible.” But I had called with the specific purpose of changing my email address,so I had already told her that information of my purpose,so how can she not know that was my intention?! It’s like she patronized me on purpose! But why should I be hassled like this? I am polite and calm and don’t over react ~ please Lord counteract these incidents.Amen.

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