People can let me feel guilty for no reason

by emaline ()

Need prayer for deeper spiritual faith in god. I am easily hurt by others behaviour. The devil is always trying to me feel guilty through no fault of mine. Example I have a neighbour who lives next to me and is also my co-worker. we worship in the same church. but will never offer me a ride to church or from church on her vehicle. I do not want to be judgemental but I believe jealously and envy plays a part in her being like that. I am a true follower of god and she has never been only after her son gets into drugs that make her get to church and attend certain church activities. but I have always been attending weekly masses every morning before work and on Sundays. I am also assisting in bring communion to the home bound and a Sunday school teacher. So I believe my involvement in church ministries is getting to her. And the reason for her behaviour.
I prayer of deliverance , strength, peace , love and help me to let go and let god and reed me of all evil yokes.


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