Peace within

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In life i am a shy person which makes things difficult for me in lots of situations i then over analize my behaviour which then makes my nerves qp times worse and feelings of anxiety creeps in and ithen under,ine myself and over think past things and go over them for days. Please help me to gain confidence and rid me of this problem.Amen

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  1. "Peace within"

    Dear brother/sister !!. I was particularly interested to read your prayer request, as I also suffered with shyness, anxiety, lack of self confidence. I am now almost free of these bad feelings!. I know now that I am a child of God, that He knows me more than I know myself. I am now at peace in knowing who I am. I am not afraid to express my thoughts and feelings as I am not bothered any more by what others might think of me. I search God every day. I can tell Him about everything, and I know that He is the only One who can help and guide me. I hope that you will find encouragement in these few words. Wishing you all the best!!!.❤️🙏🏾

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