peace through the chaos

by James ()

My family has been going through so much, my grandfather and grandmother just had surgery. My cousin was in a bad car accident and they are doing everything they can to save her leg and make her walk again. I have been healing from a surgery and a rare sickness that will take me a year to get rid of. I missed a lot of work because of that, and now I’m out of work again so I can take care of my wife and two small children. My wife was just diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases and needs a lot of surgeries. We found out that her diseases are pretty far progressed because she was misdiagnosed for over two years. Also, it is hereditary, so my children will most likely get it. Thanks to all this, l am in debt up to my eyeballs, and doing anything I can to stay afloat. The only thing getting me trough all this at all is God’s love, and my love for my family. I just pray that my wife’s illnesses are not so bad that it is the worst case senario, because I want those children to have their amazing mommy for a little while longer on Earth, even though we will meet her in Heaven, my children are a little young to understand that. I pray for the wisdom, guidance, acceptance, faith and strength of God’s love , so that we can make it through this as a family. It may be difficult for me, but it isn’t easy for anyone else either. I just pray that we all stay happy and no matter what happens, we will have hope, faith, love, and understanding as we travel this difficult road together.

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