Peace That Passes All Understanding

by Mario (Wolcott, Ct, USA)

As a Christian you first come to the Lord for salvation
Then after that point you begin the walk of sancification
It's a process that you learn from the master over time
We forge our way to get in the front of he line
Yet clearer heads have prevailed some find their in the sewer
It's a very narrow road on your way to heaven
It's not some one time shopping event at your local 7 eleven
James Dean in the splendor in the grass no one gets a free pass
To taste and see that the Lord is good mark my word
The peace that passes all understanding flows from the heart
A white dove in correlation to the symbol of it's parting love
We really can't put it in words as if you haven't heard
It shall guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus the Lord
The radiance of the sun has tainted my inner vision
It was found by Paul on the road to Damascus on his horse
After the day of pentecost it's power was unleashed on all believer's
Through the hours that the beloved Mary spent in prayer
It is found in a child born into a world filled with desolation
It's the peace that passes all understanding in a journey of sorts
Jesus in the garden praying to the father to be soon unleashed
To those who receive Jesus Christ as the Lord & savior
I'm much appreciative for this amazing presence of God