Peace & resolution to a trouble mind

by Angela (Oklahoma)

Pray with me to bring peace in my son mind and joy in his heart…. He has mental health issues, I ask that u pray with me that the Lord heal him, he’s gotten into some legal troubles due to his mental health..also pray that the Lotd substain us through this turmoil… We have been through so much, we have no happiness, our family is breaking financially & emotionally we need a blessing in all ways, health finance emotions , we just want to have a stress free life and grow closer to the lord he’s our refugee, our protector our father! Thank you

I know without the Kotd, our savior we couldn’t make it daily… I’m single snd please ask the Lotd to send me a good, loving ,christian man that can be a. Example fior my son & daughter and a partner to me! My daughter is a straight A student and my finance is drain, Ism not able to support my daughter with some of the extra curricular activities she’s in.. It’s been a struggle I ask you pray that she will be aevtonattenf college with no financial worries that’s her dream.. She’s a gifted student and I don’t want Her to fail because I’m not able to provide 100% being single is tough.. we are a good family but sometimes things happens to the good! I do beleive in the Lord and I know all things are possible so I ask whoever is reading this I ask u keep us in your heart! One more thing pray for that my son can get a job, I think that will be a big change in his life! Sincerely Angela, Nia & Michael
God bless
My son has been attempted suicide twice and now he’s in trouble, I’m praying that the judge see that he need help not jail! Pls pray!!!

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