Peace of mind in Court

by Alicia (Toledo, Ohio)

Dear god, I come to you a sinner. I apologize for what I’ve done. Now that I have to face this judge tomorrow I have fear of the out come. I ask that youy grant me peace of mind, I ask that this fear leaves my heart. You are a forgiving God an I thank you for forgiving me an loving me still. I rebuke satan in ur son Jesus name. I ask that you guide an carry me as I go before this judge. I ask that you allow the judge to show mw mercy. Lord I am so sorry for what I’ve done. And I promise with my whole heart that it will never ever happen again…for as long as I live. I love you and thank you in advance lord. Thank you Jesus! Today is a knew day and I shall live according to your word from this day forward. I accepted yoyu into my heart a few days ago. And I meant every word that I promised to you. Thank you again jesus…thank you thank you. I now have peace of mind..and a joy that only you can place in my heart. In jesus name I pray an belive I am healed! Thank you jesus. Amen

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  1. I'm in your shoes too...

    I too am a sinner. I too am facing judgement by the courts in Ohio. I am sick over the possile outcome. My case is just getting started. I gave my soul to the Lord many years ago. I’m scared now. My 2nd appearance is Fri. the 22nd(Mar.2013) I did not hurt any person during my crime, but I did destroy property. Thankfully I did have insurance. I will pray for you..remember me too.

  2. Prayer for a Friend

    Dear Lord, my beautiful Lord and my Loving God. I have a friend and she has done something and she is so sorry for what she has done. If she does go to court about this illegal activity she will loose her job. I pray for her everyday to beat this problem. She needs your guidance, your love and she has prayed but I know the power of prayer and now I am asking for you to clear her mind of worries, have the judge not judge her but to help her with this problem as it is a sickness. I ask prayers be sent out to all my angels and guides to watch out for her as she has done everything to help others, she gives to the helpless, so please, please ease her pain and help her to overcome this problem. Help me to help her and others. Let her not loose her job. I will pray everyday until this is over and I ask for you to cover her in your light, for your love to enfold her and your power to protect her. Keep Satan away from our lives, our family’s and our home. You have my love, my faith, for eternity.

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