Peace of mind, ease of anxiety, strengthen my marriage and family

by Marie (Michigan)

In the lords name I pray for my family, please strengthen my family and help my family and I find out purpose in life and became happier and healthier. To become more driven in our goals and accomplishments. To help me as a mom focus on what my path in life that will be fulfilling outside of mothering my children. To please take this depression and anxiety away from me and make me stronger and more content and happier nationally. To take please take away this anxiety I have about driving so that I can get my drivers license and get a car soon, so that my kids can see more and do more and for my independence. God you know what I need and what’s best for me and I’ve learned that your name means you can be whatever I need you to be. I need you to help me make these positive changes in my life and for my family. Protecting me from all harm. I need you to be the counselor to help guide my marriage into a stronger happier place that can never be broken again. I need you to help me be in love with my husband again and help me find peace within myself and my marriage and have faith in my husband again. And to help us both build each other up. I need you to make me have stronger faith and stronger mindset to bettering myself as a woman and for you God which in turn will make my family better. I need you father God to help my oldest son mature more and become more independent and use everything that I’ve raised him this far to become. And to make his future bright and take away any anxiety he may have about becoming adult. I need you to also give him the independence and goals he needs to become a man now. I also need you to protect my son that’s autistic and unable to even come home and tell me about his day at school Because he still doesn’t know how to communicate well at 16. Protect him at all times and give me the faith to know u are always watch ilover him because he needs it the most. I need you to bless my middle son with the ability to calm his body and mind and help him become a Better student in school

And guide him the rest of the way everyday to be all that he can be everyday in everyway and help me to be more patient with him and help find away to help him Channel some of the energy he has in a positive way.. And I need you to help me youngest child, protect him and watch over him because he is the baby of the family. Help him to know his mommy loves him and wishes he would hug her more and give her affection even tho he is a big boy now. And to also guide him and open his mind to more learning now that he has started school. And I need you father God to bless my husband, protect his health and keep him strong and take away any of his anxieties or pressures that are on him of taking care of us.. And to help him find happiness again and love with me and help him build trust and passion in our relationship again so that we have that unbreakable bond I want so bad. And to help him not have to work so hard to make money. Bless him to find a less chaotic work environment less strenuous to make money. A job fulfilling that he loves and makes him a better man for it. And for me father God blessing my entire family by answering these prayers will be all that I need to feel happier everyday knowing my family is in a better place and help bring me front and center to what my purpose is in life and as woman.

Thank you father God for blessing me with such a beautiful family. I could never have asked for more than what I have today. My husband and sons are everything to me. Thank you God for blessing me with them.

In God’s name I pray

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