Peace of Mind and financial help

by Brian Sheridan (Coral Springs, FL USA)

Oh Lord. Please hear my prays. I ask you to give me inner endurance to keep me going and achieve my goals in serving you. I ask you lord to please watch out over me and over my family and protect us from the evil spirits. Protect us from harm, Protect us from any form of evil. Protect me from shunning away from you lord.

Purge me from any intrusive thoughts from the past. Cure me of my OCD, make me focus on serving you and making a family for myself. Make me stop being angry at others who have hurt me and learn from my mistakes.

Make me not be as trusting as I used to be and not wear my heart on my sleeve. Let me lose weight and get into shape lord and allow me to save souls from going to Hell and inside bring them to your kingdom.

Make me stop second guessing myself and being unsure of myself. Make me and my family and friends get out of the financial mess that has been bestowed upon us. Allow us to never have money ruin or destroy us or make us worse then what we are.

Keep us away from evil doers and make us learn from our mistakes and keep us from sinning. Allow me to learn martial arts and become both a husband and father. Let me be a stronger, tougher person in general.

I pray for my mother and stepfathers health, I pray for my friend John and my friend Mike and my friend Roger, and Anthony and Lou and Ruben….they sometimes get lost and lose faith in you.

In the blood of Jesus Christ rebuke the evil spirits that haunt us and allow us to serve you Lord. I am so thankful for having a car, a roof over my head, food in my stomach, shower, bathroom to use, computer and cell phone and Internet to work and making money with.

Good parents, and friends that have supported me thru these crazy and trying times. I appreciate Mercy and most of all I appreciate seeing things differently and being a lot more wiser Lord.


Brian Sheridan