Peace of heart and mind relief from anxiet stress and fear worry doubt

by Jean (India)

I implore you to pray that I just want to be at peace and feel relaxed and not worry or fear or be anxious

I am very lonely and don’t have anyone to talk to
I want my day to be full of some constructive and positive things
I am fighting a battle in my mind
I read the word of God

I was so strong in my faith
Now Im always worried and fearful and anxious
I keep on thinking and thinking
I want that to stop
I want to think positively
some people say its chemical imbalance
and I need to see a pshaystrist and take anti depressants
I don’t want to do that
But if Jesus can heal the body surely He can heal my mind
I just want to feel happy inside me

free of all worry doubt fear
I want to feel free bold and confident as I used to be always
I don’t want to look at others life and be envious of what they are doing or having
I want to be content and accept my life and just be at PEACE

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