Peace in Repentance

by Casey (Alabama)

I need to forgive myself for cheating on my husband. I was sad, lost, drank too much and don’t even know how it got to that point with another man. I woke up sick, hungover, throwing up, ashamed, broken and a born again Christian that fell back to her old ways.

i told my husband the truth and he forgave me but my anger and shame and disappointment left me pushing him away so he would want to leave me to start fresh. Now I have a broken marriage that has been broken for a year and a half, looked down upon by members of my gym because they know what happened, the guy I slept with was my friends husband and we are no longer friends. I sinned, repented, told the truth gave my life back to The Lord a week ago and got baptised.

However I still deal with the rejection, labels, and feel like a Christian joke. Please pray that I regain confidence in myself so I can focus on healing a broken marriage. I want to change my family tree. Please help me see that the Lords forgiveness is all I need. Please pray for the other family it effected and turn this situation into a positive to glorify God in the future.