Peace in my Marriage, peace in my family, uplift my spirit.

by Cherie (MN)

Lord my God.

I know I have talked to you many times and you have always listened and acted. I love you and i need you everyday in my life. I have no one else who loves me as much as you do. I thank you for holding my hand and for carrying me in times of distress. I pray for my marriage. it is bringing me so much pain. I know I have asked you several times to show me the way:-if this is not going to last forever, please show me the way so that we can go our separate ways without being bitter or hurting each other. I married forever and I am willing to stay and work this out, but I am afraid it might cause me my health and affect our kids. But Lord I know there is nothing that is too difficult for you. You can do and undo.

I’ve casted all my burdens unto you Lord, for I know that you care for me. I surrender to you. Please help me God. Amen

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