Peace, Hearing God’s Voice, God’s Will

by Eric ()

My prayer request to not doubt and pray to do my part to not doubt God or Jesus and their powers overall, including about changing my overall situation and answering any of my prayer requests. In addition, I pray to always and pray to do my part to have strong faith like trusting and believing in God and Jesus, overall. I pray to focusing more and pray to do my part to be grateful in my life, including what God has done in my life, including currently. Pray to trust God sovereignty’s Will so I have the faith to follow God’s personal will for my life and pray to do my part to do it. I pray to apply God’s prescribe will (living for God’s Word overall) so I won’t miss God’s personal will for my life and pray to do my part always doing it. I pray to have the grace to know how to humbly and energetically following the Holy Spirit’s leading in my life while trusting God’s sovereignty to override my genuine mistakes. I’m too sensible, including genetically, because I’m a Highly Sensitive person and who has a fully-developed brain now since summer 2020. I don’t know how to let the Holy Spirit lead me since then and I pray I will know how with a full brain now and pray to do my part letting it. I pray to let and do my part to let the Holy Spirit to have full control of me, while having some control over myself? I don’t know? I pray to make choices based upon exalting Jesus Christ and always keeping my eye on God/Jesus and knowing how. And, fasting and praying, the fear and anxiety of not being successful of it. Not going to get anything out of it, not hearing God’s voice, the Lord ‘s voice, or the Holy Spirit’s voice also the “What if.” I pray the imposters of the 3 trinity’s voices by the Devil and his demons will be gone for good and not miss hearing God/Jesus’s voice or make up the voices of the 3 trinity. And, knowing how to spend time in God’s presence and just always be in it including God’s rest. Also, pray to do my part to always be in them, including always being in-tune with God, and actually discern the trinity’s voices. Fear of not getting the answers that I needed, I pray it’s not the case here and pray to get answers that I needed. Pray against the fear of trying in general also I pray to be and stay disciplined, spiritually. Pray to get through discouragement, hopelessness, and anxiety overall in my overall current situation. Pray to adopt, less is more, not overdoing it so I won’t overwhelm myself, I pray to do my part to not overwhelm myself while spending time with God/Jesus. And, keeping it simple, taking my time and be patient with it. Be at peace because it’s a lot going on in my brain right now and scared, Who went through stuff psychologically and emotionally and need to give myself some grace and healing while moving forward. Pray for peace and strength in my overall current situation, always being in God’s rest and accept God’s comfort. I’m in a tight situation right now. I pray to surrender to God daily and putting God first in my life always, include abiding in Christ daily. Pray to know how to take breaks in general and actually taking a Sabbath, weekly. Lastly, I pray to give God control all of my situations and outcomes and pray I will do my part to let go and let God have full control of them in Jesus name.

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