Peace for Sophia’s broken emotions and soul

Dear Lord, heal my soul, even though I am not faithful enough, bless me lord with Life. Forgive me my sins Oh Lord, and have patience with me dear God. Fill my physical body with the strength of the Lord, Restore to me oh Lord, the color of life. Heal the relationship between my family and myself, especially the relationship between my mother and I. It hurts, it really does. I don’t know why I care about my given parents actions so much because You Oh Lord are my True Father, but it hurts and it’s crippling to my soul. When I think of leaving and never coming back, it makes me cry because I will miss my sister and my parents too. But I’m afraid that if I stay it will stunt me, keep me trapped and eventually kill me. I often find myself daydreaming of finally finding my husband (the one in which God picks for me) so that I can finally know what true love feels like and finally move on. It was until today that I realized that I was asking the Lord for my husband to help me move on from the pain of my parents. This is wrong, because its as if I was saying to you Oh Lord that I cannot be healed with just your help, when in reality, You are all that I need. Make me strong in this world Lord Almighty.

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