peace for my family prayer

by Deborah (Denver)

please pray for me my husband and my kids my husband is in jail right now on dui charges and we pray he can be home soon with us the kids miss him so much and we dont know what is going to happen, we are also facing the challeng of having very mean neighbors we live in a duplex and i am truley afraid for myself and my kids and i pray for peace for all of us so we may get along and all live in peace without fear. please help me pray for my family and for god to touch my neighbors and heal what evey it is that has him so angry at the world and us i pray for peace for us all and for all kids to be able to go home to a happy and safe place thank you all so much for any prayers

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  1. GOD Loves You

    GOD loves you. Use the legs HE gave you to move forward,the mouth HE gave you to ask for help and HIS peace and grace to lean on when you don’t know what that’s suppose to look like. I’ll be praying for you.

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