Peace for Jerusalem

by Beverley ()

To the one who created all we see, hear, touch, smell and taste, we praise you, glorify you. You put into motion a means for our redemption. You chose Abraham and his descendants as vessels of this plan, promising them a land for your people to live in.
Today Father you showed me in your word (psalm 122:6) that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. So today Father, as the news Informs us that Jerusalem is under siege from her neighbors and many have been killed and injured on both sides, we ask in your Holy Sons name Jesus Christ,
That peace be restored to your Holy land of Jerusalem. We ask that you pour out your Holy Spirit on the Jerusalem nation and it’s Leader’s, and it’s people, give them Christ like minds and hearts in the days to come, so they will be able to the your will on earth and to be at peace.
May all on earth honor and glorify you.

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