Peace at Val’s workplace.

by Rose (USA)

Father God my creator show your power in my husband’s situation he needs you to glorify him in a big way. He needs your help in his work situation. He has big responsibilities, He is 66 years old and in his place of employment Oscar is giving him a hard time. I am asking for guidance for my husband Val, we have a lot of bills, mortgage to pay, and he cannot just leave. Val has been at this company for 20yrs.. Please keep the evil spirit of Oscar far from Val. God you are powerful take care of Val Sr..He is tired of this treatment. The evil is on earth and at Val’s workplace, take this far from his workplace. We trust the good Lord that he will bring peace at Val’s place and that Oscar will let Val run his department 100% as he has always done it.. In Jesus name let us pray for Val Sr.. Amen

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