peace and strength

Dear, Lord

I ask that you great me peace in my heart over my current trial. I ask that you protect me from never stiring from you love and word. I ask that you make a better person and that I fulfill your purpose, with your help lord all is possible. Give me the strength to put all of my trust in you, and trust your will. Give me the strength to keep moving foward. Help me and stop me when my thoughts get the best of me. Give me the strength to let go, and set myself free. Show and lead my children and I along the right path. Take the pain from my heat away and heal my wounds lord. Bless me in all I do and protect me from people who don’t know you, and are just out there to harm others.

I ask that you brake his knees lord and make kneel down to you lord. I ask for something to happen for him to seek you lord. Make him repent to you lord. Lead him back to his family. Our kids are young and need him.

In jeuse name, amen

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