peace and joy

Father, I pray for all of the people here, that you would send legions of angels into their lives and homes to do battle on your behalf for the benefit of your people and for your name’s sake. I rebuke the enemy forces that have taunted, harrassed and bound these men, women and children made from your hand. In Jesus’ name their plans and schemes are brought to naught. Father send healing, warring angels from heaven, from the ends of the earth to shore up these lives, and families. Bring peace, blessings, strong marriages, healing in body, mind and soul, pour out your spirit on every person here, that they may walk in your truth, wisdom and joy for that is your desire toward us. Your thoughts toward us are good, you love us with an everlasting love, you are kind and merciful, quick to forgive and ready to defend and help your people. Bring repentance, revival and restoration to our land, be lifted higher than every principality, every force that may try to exhault itself. Bring lasting change, deliverence and pwoer to live and to bless your name. In Jesus’ name, Jesus whom you sacraficed to accomplish all that is written here, whom you love, to bring us freedom and peace and reconciliation to you. Holy Spirit fall on us, pour out your power on us, we beseach you, we welcome you into this darkness to shine a holy light. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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