Peace and harmony within the family

by Beverley (Bristol, UK)

My husband and I returned from holiday in Jamaica where we my husband nephew and a friend’s daughter had a very bad experience. We were car jacked and robbed of our luggage jewellery passport any our money By 7-8 gunmen which havent been caught by the Police.

on our return to the UK my son had taken control of our family business that we had invested our life savings in. Picking on a long term loyal member of staff for trivial matter. The other children are in agreement with him. Won’t listen to neither me or my husband. We are elderly people my husband is.70 and I am nearly 65 years old. They are making the decisions. We are at the stage we have given up.
They have even accused us of being bad parents. Which is not true. We have sent them all to private school ensured they had a good education and career plus all the home comforts.
My husband walked out of a family meeting in December and they have accused him of bad behaviour and all the past is coming up.
They have sent him to Coventry which is not fair. They don’t copy him in emails etc.
No peace and harmony with our 4 grown up children. Please pray for us so that we can all be united in peace and harmony than be divided.
After what we have been through our children should not be behaving like that as we are still traumatised from our experience in Jamaica. It’s as if they have no feelings or conscience. Don’t know if they just want all we have.

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