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Praise be to God and Saviour Jesus Christ! Shalom. This prayer request of mine regarding my family problems with my girlfriend should get settled. My girlfriend is getting anxieties, panic attacks and all bad spirits causing her depressions and all other issues should get resolved. Full of fights , because of these fights I mentally cannot function properly, cannot even think; I am just lost somewhere in habitual sinful life. I must get rid of those sins from my life. Jesus should take over my life. I have never these many struggles in my life. I am stressed out. Both our families accepted our love and making arrangements for our wedding, but these many problems are continously happening. I got ill last week and my brother and my sister in law wouldnt care to even ask me how I am! Their hearts should change. I still love the people around me because God love has taught me so. My niece is getting sick often and she is not eating properly, God should touch her and heal her and make eat, I want others to be happy and healthy, because God will take care of even if I am not taking care of me. There are so many things which I could not able to express, I hope God will see my heart and fix my mind towards. I dont want anything which of this world except living for him and honoring him in every ways possibly I could. In Jesus name I pray. Amen! Shalom.

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