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My family has been in a upheaval for the past 4 years due to my son’s fiancee’s betrayal of him
He moved back home with us and he has been on a road of self destruction and lost every ounce of self worth he ever had
His behavior has been so destructive for our household.
We are raising our 9 year old great nephew who has called my son daddy since he was 7 months old when we received custody.
That child loves him so much and he has been hurt emotionally watching the only daddy he’s ever known self destruct
My son is a believer but the devil has had a grip on him for so long
He overdosed a couple months ago in front of us all and thank God he survived
I pray everyday that the Lord will pester him until he completely surrenders his life to him
I talk to him as much as I can about what the Lord has done in my life, I told I surrendered my life on my knees and faced my demons and let God fight my battles for then on and I have seen miracles as a result
He is starting to speak about the Lord more and more lately and he wants to defeat the devil’s influence in his life
Please pray with me for my son to be transformed and surrender his life again to the Lord.
Please pray for our family especially the little boy in our care to have a daddy that is mentally and emotionally stable to be an example of what God can do in our lives and bring back peace and hope back in our family
Give him courage and strength to not be afraid to be himself and unaffected by the people who keep trying to keep him stuck in believing he will never be successful in this life
Please pray that the Lord intervenes and transforms his life and shows him his God given gifts so that he can use them to do right for himself and the little boy that calls him daddy
The devil knows he is God’s child and he is trying everyday to keep my boy down. He’s trying to keep our whole family down, but I refuse to accept that and I need lots of people praying with me to keep the devil at bay

Thank you and God bless the Christians reading this and praying with me. I know the more people praying the more powerful the prayer
I will let you all know through this forum how much your prayers helped because I know they will.

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