by Holly Thompson ()

I need prayer for peace in my life. I deal with a difficult housemate who is often rude to me and hurts my feelings. Yesterday at the dinner table I was clearing my throat and she got all afraid of getting sick that she rudely told me to cover my mouth with my napkin because she didn’t want to catch any germs. I did that but was still offended by her. She kept giving me dirty looks and mumbling about me under her breath. When I went to my room I got angry and then I cried about her for a long time. I called my mom and prayed with her for healing and guidance from God. I’m going to always cover my mouth with my napkin whenever I clear my throat, cough, or sneeze. I’m also going to wear my earplugs and headphones when I’m at the table with her. I would love prayer for peace from now on from this rude lady who always speaks her mind. Please pray that God would give me peace and a new friend because she is rotten to the core. I would appreciate it.

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