Payer to heal sick mother

by Julia (Syd, Australia)

Please pray for mother Mara. Drive out all the infection and toxins from her body so she can wake up from the coma.

Save her from this suffering.

Please heal her as she is a fantastic person and loved by so many. We all want her back at home with us.

I pray to you with all my heart for my mother’s quick recovery. Amen

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  1. Orayer to heal sick mother

    Praying for your mother Mara. Ask God, in Jesus’ name, with all the faith you can find in yourself to wake her up and clean all the toxins from her body. HE LISTENS to all our pleas. Have faith and you will see. Have your family pray with you.

    Give thanks to God for His Infinite Love, Mercy and Compassion for all those who are sick and suffering.

    Ask Our Lady, Mary – Mara, to intercede for you with Jesus. She is His mother, and yours too, would a mother deny an ailing child a request like this? Think about it and pray. I am here, praying with you. Let this forum know how she is doing. We all care. We are all praying with you.

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