Pay my rent NOW

by R (Colorado)

GOD before today came you provided me with all I needed to pay January’s rent. I did not hold it and do what you gave it to me to do and pay the rent. I am short on what I owe and I recognize my wrongful thoughts and desire to not be broke and go to the store and get things that I very well could have waited to do have created this situation. I take responsibility for this and I am so sorry. Please GOD I know that you have not brought me this far to forsake me now. I pray that you will open the minds and soften the hearts of those who could help me. I pray and ask that you go before me to that person or to those persons that can help me today. I am holding on GOD knowing that you do hear my prayer and know my need at this time. Release this burden from me and take away the fear. Help me to doubt my doubt and hear only your voice guide me to redemption. I am asking you GOD to once more give me the funds today to pay my rent, keep this situation from eviction court on Tuesday, spare us from that misery. I want one more chance of trust from you, I want $636 today right now to pay my rent. I know you got this and I have no reason to fear or worry. I am choosing not to pack my things today and move to a hotel, I am believing in this specific miracle for immediate assistance to pay my rent today. I am asking for other believers, the angel of prosperity and peace, the ancestors and all those before me to come together and pray and believe in GOD’s continued grace and mercy in my life right now. In Jesus name I say amen and so it is done.