Pay debt and find peace

by Karen (Oak Creek, Wi)

Dear Jesus, I humbly come to you asking for you to help me find a way to pay my debts and get a little ahead. I also ask for peace. There has been little since my son disclosed the abuses of my husband. He needs healing and peace as do I. I have taken direction from people and lead the wrong path and I come to you Jesus you are the way the truth and the life. Jesus I humbly ask for your help to be out of this debt I am in and to have a place to call home. My apt is not home it is where the bad stuff happened. GOD I love you and I need your help. I owe to a friend and he is getting angry as well as the creditors. Please GOD help me. Amen. I know I have sinned and I am not worthy but Lord I come to you humbly asking for your assistance and knowing you are the one and only to turn to.