patriots prayer to win

by Stephen Hickey (Foxboro)

oh great Lord of ours…all of us here on planet Earth know how you and Jesus and the Virgin Mary love our beloved Patriots here in New England…we also would like to include in this prayer to let you know how much the Dallas cowboys suck….still suck ..and will suck for years to come but I think you knew that already…We ask you please to shine upon our present day America’s team…May Tom Brady run for a TD….May Jonas Grey run for well over 200 yrds…..may the almighty Gronk plow his way through piles of defenders on his back to score 2 touchdowns…Revis with a pick and run for a TD…Gostowski with 3 field goals….and a Patriots victory 34-17…..

another easy walk to the Superbowl

GOD LOVES THE PATRIOTS…..he texted me earlier

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