Patience protection faith forgiveness redemption and peace

by Shaquana ()

Dear God,

Thank you for waking me up today. Thank you for a new day. God I have been faced with so many challenges and am mentally and physically drained and simply tired. Although I love my family and friends I pray for their well-being health them waking up today pray peace prosperity protection peace love and happiness. I am in desperate need of space and time to get me together to improve my patience, communication skills self love work on my peace and boundaries. I love my daughter and some days I don’t want to do motherhood or life God I pray that you walk with me through my thoughts and limit what I share and allow me to keep my faith and be the best version of myself to get back on track with the financial situation to get the assistance I need to be able to catch up on my rent and car note with unexpected miracles a 3:20ephesians exceededly abundantly above all I can ask for and think. I would like financial stability financial increase car note rent paid car insurance credit cards paid off weight loss good mental and physical health, homeownership, business ownership to be able to leave my home on own terms and to move into the right home for myself and Peyton and for Peyton to be in school. God help me to be faithful and cautious about what I say do and think and to trust you through this challenging time and to forgive and release Peyton father with love him using me and not being grateful for all I’ve done for him and his family, God allow me to accept my mother for who and what she is that Peyton lewanna and herself come before me and to stop living my life to please her and live my life for myself and to please you God. God teach me how to pray and trust the journey of my life and to know God has great plans for my life health finances home car family and friends. God I pray for a safe speedy travel back to NY this weekend and that 2023 brings big blessings Peyton gets back into school and to readjust and get back on track with my fitness goals and journey and to create peace and new source of income. God let no weapon formed against me prosper nor any plans of the enemy harm me or those I love God I pray for my co worker, supervisor and customer. God I am extremely grateful for a new day my health job abilities my car family friends and motherhood.God allow me to keep the faith trust the path and journey. In Jesus mighty name Amen Let me rejoice and no weapon formed against me prosper thank you for canceling my fears worries and doubts turning my noes into yes new opportunities new doors opening big blessings and miracles blessings covering my car my children my new home the home after that my parents siblings friends family and framily Co workers supervisors manager job and eliminating all of my debt expectantly right now in Jesus mighty name I declare and receive them right now. Amen Hallelujah Thank you God let us rejoice and no weapon formed against us prosper In Jesus mighty name Amen Hallelujah

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