Patience and miracle for boyfriend to believe in God

by Jin (Federal Way)

I am in real need of a prayer. I’m a terrible the age where all my friends are married, have kids or have a house but I’m no that’s married yet but plan on it. Anyways, my boyfriend has been attending church with me. He doesn’t fully believe in God yet because he’s the type of person to see to believe things with some kind of scientific evidence. Also, he has experienced seeing ghosts from time to time. That’s another’s reason why it’s hard for him to take in the Bible and believing in God. I feel like giving up because I cannot give him the best answers to questions he may ask. I want to marry him but I told him I will only if he believes in God. I need your prayer for God to give him guidance In the correct path. Please, i am waiting for The one day where he accepts Jesus as our Lord and savior.