For Sundays Service: the St.Andrews Baptist Church as I preach tomorrow – attendance and be released from every worry, fear and anxiety and the Holy spirit will empower me and His anointing will flow into each persons heart and that the seed will be planted in the good soil : be delivered from all power … Continue reading “Ministry”


Pray for our Church and Pastors for healing, unity, restoration and growth.

Pastoral Prayers

Here are a few sample Pastoral Prayers. If you know of a good example of a Pastor Prayers, please share it at the bottom of this page. Sample Pastoral Prayers Below are several prayers for pastors to use as examples for praying with their congregation. They include prayers for guidance, healing, strength for our leaders, … Continue reading “Pastoral Prayers”

apostle jashia

(usa) Give the intruments to preach the word of god and let every enemy that trysto come up against me be scattered. let every evil tongue that speack up against me or over me that is not of god or rom god be destroyed and not let man have power over me but god and … Continue reading “apostle jashia”

Prayer for courage

Dear God, I ask you for courage. in facing life specially in times of trouble,. when shadow of doubt comes in my way. As I accompany the vulnerable person, the weak and the needy, Lord grant me the grace of courage to stand in their side and not to hide to the shell of fear. … Continue reading “Prayer for courage”