Passing Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers

by Ro-An (Philippines)

Lord Jesus Christ, it is now already 2 days to go and I will be having my Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers this 25th of Septembe 2016. Please send forth your angels and holy spirit to assist me in effectively retrieving the stock knowledge that I have, prevent my brain from being too tired enough to analyze, and for them to show me the right and best answer so that I will be able to pass the said Licensure exam. The results will be released in 30-40 days from 25th, so once I check the results, please ensure to me that, not only I have passed the test, but able to make it to, at least, Top 20 TOPNOTCHERS in the said board exam.

Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, I will concentrate, I will pass, and BE A TOPNOTCHER. In Jesus’ Name, I CAN MAKE IT.


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