Pary for all of us take care of of nite and day

by Ernadette (Albquerque Nm)

Lord take care of me my son and my daughter u no when things are going to happen be for it does.lord we need u right about this time you no what I been going throw here lord please let it change you can see Ian trying stress out here we needed move as lol ready.heal me from what ever I as m sick from .need o take care of my son.most of all bless all my cousins of ther brother death heal them help them o lord.for gave me lord for I have the home less gave them a place to stay and something to eat.lord let it be a quit rest of the morning here take of us here don’t let no one come and scared us or try to break in keep all the bad a way from us.we’re your kids lord u are our lord saver Jessie name.amen

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